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1. Bridge Expansion Joints 2. Concrete Repair 3. Bridge Deck Waterproofing 4. Bridge Remediation

Having worked on some of Australia’s largest infrastructure projects Raw Worx has earned a reputation for providing professional repair solutions, whilst remaining cost-effective, trustworthy and exceeding the client’s expectations.

Concrete Repair: 

At Raw Worx, we are the concrete repair specialists. Since day one in the business, we have strived to provide our clients with high-quality and long-lasting concrete repair. Our team is equipped to deal with a vast range of difficult concrete problems and have both local and international training to ensure they are adequately prepared for any situation. With the dedication and expert knowledge of the Raw Worx team, we are always at the forefront of the industry and can be trusted with any concrete repair project.   


We are confident and capable Concrete Repair contractors actively applying the latest techniques matched with the best products. Our experience in repairing Car Parking Structures, Bridges, and Buildings is market-leading. Our Concrete Repair Brisbane and Australia services encompass a range of industry-leading methods such as patch repairs, form and pour works, cathodic repairs, spalling concrete repair, and more. Our highly trained Raw Worx technicians have experience in working on anything from small concrete repairs to local bridges to large-scale industrial projects and highways, so you can be assured that they have the skills and know-how required for your project, no matter the size.  


We are also current Corporate Members of the Australasian Concrete Repair Association (ACRA)so we are committed to completing our jobs the right way and providing the best services possible to our clients to meet high industry standards. 

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Choose the Raw Worx team  

If you are searching for a Concrete Repair Sydney Contractor, the Raw Worx team are the contractors for your project. We are committed to providing exceptional work at affordable prices, and place the highest importance on safety, durability, and quality in all of the work we do.  


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