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Having worked on some of Australia’s largest infrastructure projects Raw Worx has earned a reputation for providing professional repair solutions, whilst remaining cost-effective, trustworthy and exceeding the client’s expectations.

Bridge Expansion Joints

Bridge Expansion Joints are an integral part of a bridge and play a vital role in ensuring the longevity of a bridge’s structural adequacy. 

 Bridge Extension Joints enable movement and provide water tightness to bridge structures. If Bridge Expansion Joints are not correctly designed and installed, the results can be extremely costly and may end up requiring constant maintenance and repair. At Raw Worx, we are renowned for our Bridge Expansion Joint systems that exhibit durability and quality while remaining cost-effective.


Our quality installation of Bridge Expansion Joints ensures critical assets are protected and remain serviceable. With up to two kilometres of expansion joints installed and repaired on the east coast of Australia in a short period of time, Raw Worx remains the preferred installer for many clients and suppliers. 


As one of the most respected teams of Bridge Expansion Joint Contractors in Australia, we are trusted in the construction industry for our high-quality work and our skilled team of contractors. We understand the utter importance of having premium and durable bridge joints, especially when it comes to safety. Therefore, we are dedicated to only providing the absolute best products and installation services.  


The Raw Worx team is also able to work on a large variety of projects with our extensive range of bridge expansion joints.  


We install: 

  • Small Movement Joints 
  • Large Movement Joints 
  • Saw Cut Joints  
  • Joints for both old and new bridges 
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If you are searching for a Bridge Expansion Joint Contractor, the Raw Worx team is your best option. We are committed to providing exceptional work at affordable prices, and place the highest importance on safety, durability, and quality in all of the work we do. 


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