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1. Bridge Expansion Joints 2. Concrete Repair 3. Bridge Deck Waterproofing 4. Bridge Remediation

Having worked on some of Australia’s largest infrastructure projects Raw Worx has earned a reputation for providing professional repair solutions, whilst remaining cost-effective, trustworthy and exceeding the client’s expectations.

Bridge Remediation

Bridge Remediation and strengthening are crucial services in ensuring the safety of bridges for those that use them, and in saving immense figures of money required to build a new bridge or deal with more serious problems down the line due to insufficient durability and maintenance.  


At Raw Worx, we understand the importance of strong and durable bridges, and we are committed to completing all of our projects to the highest standard to ensure the utmost level of safety is achieved for every bridge.   


The remediation of deteriorating bridges, wharves & other marine infrastructure is a specialty of ours. Repairing structures affected by chloride attack, age, carbonation, poor quality construction, design load upgrades, mechanical and fire damage is where we excel. Raw Worx has applied our skills to a multitude of structures in SE Queensland and continues to be the preferred contractor for Local Government and Road Authorities. 


As we have grown as a company, we have grown our capacities and offerings in Bridge Rehabilitation to include a range of exceptional services, as well as personalised project management and industry-leading quality management and documentation on all of our Bridge Deck Rehabilitation projects.  


With our company-owned marine, specialised plant and equipment, we are able to deliver our project services cost-effectively and in-line with the highest safety measures. Furthermore, we are also able to work on the detailed engineering projects, giving our clients value for money on our exceptional Bridge Remediation Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne services.  

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If you are searching for a Bridge Remediation Sydney Contractor, the Raw Worx team are the team for your project. We are committed to providing exceptional work at affordable prices, and place the highest importance on safety, durability and quality in all of the work we do. 

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