Safety / Environment

Health & Safety –  Our staff openly promote Health and Safety within our business activities. At Raw Worx we recognise the responsibility for personal safety and the safety of others and that Health and Safety in our workplace is both an individual and a shared responsibility. We recognise the necessity for providing information, ongoing training and increasing the personal understandings of work hazards.
JSEA/SWMS are provided for all work activities and are adhered to at all times. These form part of our Construction Project Management Plans.
Raw Worx provides its employees with the standard and specialised PPE required to work on any site.

We are a CM3 accredited organization, demonstrating our compliance with Work Place Health and Safety requirements. This Compliance is independently Audited and makes our clients aware of our ongoing commitment to Occupational Health and Safety  at Raw Worx.
We are also financial members of BNG Conserve for the management of safety related documentation.

Environmental - We are committed to the responsible management of the environment. Our risk  and environmental management process identify potential environmental hazards, assess the risks and implement control measures to prevent incidents from occurring.
We pride ourselves on environmentally sound construction planning and choose suppliers who do the same. Environmental sustainability is a way of life not just a plan.