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052Whilst it is important to remember that all reinforced concrete will crack, do you know if your cracks are critical? Concrete can cracks for many reasons and depending on the conditions will often determine the severity and repairs required.

Understanding the reason concrete cracks and the effects it has is something we pride ourselves on. We constantly learn the best way to treat and repair cracks and convey this to our specialist teams. Crack injection if not done correctly is quite possibly a waste of time and money, without specialist methods and understanding a quality repair cannot be provided.

Raw Worx has performed thousands of meters of crack repair and are industry leaders in the repair system. We source the most advance materials from international suppliers meaning we are able to provide the highest quality repair in the market place.

Raw Worx provides trained employees to carry out the repairs and completes industry leading QA reports for our clients.
We have been a preferred supplier for Crack Repair in the Clem 7, Airport Link & Legacy Way Tunnels.
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