Past Projects

Raw Worx has been involved with some of the Australia’s Largest Projects and has successfully implemented lasting solutions for our clients.



Remedial Repairs to Sunshine Blvd Bridge – Gold Coast QLD


Another great win by the team, picking up the repair works to Sunshine Blvd Bridge by City of Gold Coast contract. Works will include defect surveys, concrete crack repair and injection, concrete repairs and re-coating of the transverse post-tensioning anchors.


Remedial Repairs to Lands End Bridge – Gold Coast QLD


Raw Worx successfull completed the contract for Remedial Repairs to Lands End Bridge for City of Gold Coast. Works included remediation of pier piles including GFRP jacket installation, remediation of steel walkway steel including blasting and epoxy coating insitu, removal and installation of new timber walkway timber, replacement of rock armour, concrete crack repair and protective coatings.




Moreton Bay Rail Link Project – Brisbane QLD


Raw Worx was engaged early on this project to take care of concrete cracking defects with no fuss. Our skilled team worked throughout the duration of the mega project performing hundreds of meters of crack injection to the highest level. Working to Main Roads and Queensland Rail specifications, Raw Worx was the preferred supplier on this project.



Expansion Joints to Guanaba Creek Bridge – Gold Coast QLD


Raw Worx recently completed a contract to Install Bridge Expansion Joints to the new Guanaba Creek Bridge by City of Gold Coast.  Granor XJS Expansion Joint Systems was installed to the bridge abutment joints as designed. The works were completed quickly in time for the highly anticipated and vital bridge opening to the public.
This contract secures Raw Worx’s ability to perform Bridge Expansion Joint works and cements our place in the market as a One Stop Shop for bridge work.

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Concrete Repairs to Santa Barbara Road Culvert – Gold Coast QLD


Raw Worx was recently awarded a contract to carry out Concrete Repairs to a Road Culvert by City of Gold Coast.  Works including repairs to defective concrete including crack repair and protective coatings. Raw Worx carefully performed the works taking into account the environmental considerations of working in a tidal culvert. The works also included design and installation of a suitable prop system to support the link slabs whilst carrying out the works. We also provided engineering certification, compressive strength testing and pull off testing to our repairs ensuring they are of the highest quality.



Remedial Repairs to Benowa Rd Bridge – Gold Coast QLD


Raw Worx was recently completed the Remedial Repairs to Benowa Road Bridge for City of Gold Coast.  In order to maintain the bridges durability, Raw Worx’s specialist employees performed the required repairs in the waterway whilst ensuring that the environment and waterway was not affected by the construction activities.

Raw Worx performed the following repairs to the Benowa Rd bridge:
· Provide Defect Survey & Marked Up Drawings on Bridge Elements Prior to Repairs;

  • Preparation of Concrete Surfaces to Receive Protective Coatings including
    Abutments, Pier Headstocks & Pier Columns
  • Epoxy Resin Crack Injection to all Cracks in Headstocks, Columns & Abutments over
  • Concrete Repair to Defective and Spalled Concrete in Headstocks, Columns & Girders
  • Application of Protective Coatings to Abutments, Headstocks & Columns (Including
    Tidal Zone)
  • Application of Anti-Graffiti Coatings to Abutments
  • Removal & Replacement of all existing Precast Concrete Footpath Panels (120) with
    new Precast Concrete Panels
  • Replacement of Concrete Footpaths at both ends of Bridge Walkway
  • Replacement of Bridge Expansion Joint Systems & Crack sealing

Upon completion the client was presented with Raw Worx industry leading Maintenance Manuals and As-Constructed Drawings

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GC Connect Project (Smith St) – Gold Coast QLD

Raw Worx was recently engaged to provide specialist technicians to carryout repairs to cracks that had formed in various concrete construction elements to ensure the client delivered a defect free project. Our teams performed Epoxy Resin Injection to the project ensuring compliance with DTMR specifications. The works were carried out on Night Shifts with no Safety or Environmental Issues throughout the works.




Anti-Carbonation Coating to Culverts – Western Downs QLD


Raw Worx was recently engaged to provide a specialist coating to the internal concrete of 3 large culverts under a road highway. Raw Worx applied a crystalline anti-carbonation coating to the concrete to ensure its durability. Raw Worx delivered the project in the Southern Downs region ensuring compliance with DTMR specifications.



Penthouse Concrete Repair – Tweed Heads


Raw Worx recently completed specialist concrete repair to this penthouse project in NSW. With the effects of chloride ingress a pressing issue on the coastal building, we were engaged to inspect and repair the failing insitu concrete wall. Raw Worx removed the defected concrete, inspected and treated the reinforcement steel and reinstated with a specialist repair mortar. The repair pictured below was completed in just one day by our specialist technicians.





Highrise Apartment Concrete Cancer Repairs – Gold Coast


Just like many other coastal High Rise buildings, International Beach Resort had concrete cancer. The basement soffit had extensive concrete spalling and corroded steel reinforcement issues that needed to be rectified to ensure the durability of the structure and meet OH&S standards. Raw Worx was engaged to provided concrete repair services to over 50m2 of concrete cancer working with a functional building. Successfully completing the basement repairs Raw Worx went on to repair balcony edges on the exterior of the tower with the aid of specialist rope access technicians, removing the need for unsighltly scaffold and excessive time frames. Raw Worx is you High Rise repair specialist on the East Coast of Australia.



Heritage Listed Building – Water Leak Repairs – Brisbane


Again the specialist contractor to work on heritage listed structures, Raw Worx was engaged to repair another leaking basement car park. This car park had been constructed beneath the sensitive building beside the Brisbane river. In wet periods various leaks appeared thoughout various construction joins and anchor penetrations. Raw Worx applied specialist injection services to the project with a great outcome.




Structural Repairs to the Monaco Street Bridge – Gold Coast


Appointed Head Contractor from the Gold Coast City Council, Raw Worx was engaged to carry out specialist repairs to the Monaco Street Bridge in Broadbeach Waters. Poor construction practices during its initial construction along with the harsh marine environment lead to the bridge showing several strucutral defects.

Along with the project management, Raw Worx’s specialist employees performed the required repairs in the waterway whilst ensuring that the environment and waterway not be affected by the construction activities.

Raw Worx performed the following repairs to the bridge:

  • Cleaning & Coating of the Headstocks and Peir with Siilane Protective Coating
  • Grouting to Void beneath relieving slab with Ground Stabilising Cementitous Grout
  • Cleaning of the Existing Steel Pile Casings to the Sea Bed to remove marine growth
  • Survey of the Concrete Piles from Headstock to Sea Bed Level to identify damage or defective concrete
  • Removal & Disposal of all loose, defective, delaminated and severely cracked concrete from Piles
  • Removal of defective steel reinforcement and Replacement with new clean steel by welding
  • Installation of Galvanic Corrosion Protection
  • Installation of FRP Pile Jackets from Headstock to Sea Bed to each pile

Installation of Cementitious Underwater Grout to the annulas between the existing pile and FRP Jacket.

Raw Worx engaged specialist subcontractors to perform commercial diving, welding & scaffold erection during the project.





Airport Link Tunnel – Brisbane QLD Tunnel Leak/Crack Sealing and Concrete Repairs


With a team of internationally and/or specifically trained technicians, Raw Worx provided over 14,000 man hours to this project.
We were the sole preferred contractor to install acrylic injection resins for curtain membranes, fire rated concrete repair mortars to damaged concrete & polyurethane/epoxy injection to cracked concrete in the Segmental Lined TBM Tunnel in Toombul.

Raw Worx was also a preferred contractor on the Kedron Cut & Cover Tunnel site to supply and install acrylic resin injection to seal leaking concrete pile walls & polyurethane injection for leaking cracks and joints through concrete elements.

Our team also provided joint curtain membranes, leak and structural crack injection and cementitous grouting to the Toombul Civils and Bridges sites.

Raw Worx also supplied the pumps & equipment to perform the works with the MC Bauchemie Resins.

Our relationship with principal contractor TJH and its engineers ensured the required outcomes were achieved on a daily basis.




Heritage Listed Building – (former Bank of NSW) QCH Foundation – Crack and Epoxy Injection Works


Raw Worx was engaged by the head contractor to perform Crack & Epoxy Injection onsite. Due to its Heritage Nature special considerations were required to be made. Raw Worx injected cracks and debonded areas of the heritage render and architectual features with epoxy to prevent the removal or further delamination of the items. The works included Safe removal of Lead Paint. Raw Worx completed the works safely and effectively. The building was originally built in 1921.




Crystalline Concrete Treatment – Sludge Drying Beds – Western Downs QLD


Raw Worx was engaged to Supply and Install a Crystalline Concrete Treatment system to 630m2 of under specified concrete on a Western Downs CSG Project. The result was concrete suitable to in aggressive environment due to the crystalline growth into the concrete. Raw Worx completed the project in 3 Days during which time it stayed in camp due to the project location. The result was a happy builder & client.




Concrete Repair & Services – Damaged Pre Cast Panel Building


Raw Worx was asked to provide a proposal and quotation for the repair of an industrial building which was the victim of damage from a large truck. The incident caused the panel to twist, concrete damage, structural cracks and changed the position of the louvers.

There were two options of repair, rmove the panel and replace or remediate the current one and provide critical structural strengthening. Raw Worx provided Concrete Repair to the panels, Epoxy Resin Injection, Epoxy Gluing of the panels in place, Joint Sealant, Fabricated Flashings, Texture Painting & Landscaping works to the delight of the Client. The project was another successful quality repair from the Raw Worx team.




Aged Care Complex – Podium Slab Leaks


Contacted by the builder of this aged care complex, Raw Worx was required to provide a repair solution to eliminate moisture ingress from the podium slab through to moisture sensitive areas below. This defect had various attempts at repair previously and had cost the builder time and money. Due to the design on the the structural/topping slab Raw Worx prepared and injected MC Injekt GL95 Acrylic Resin in a grid pattern through the topping slab, providing a waterproof resin between the to slabs. After completion, various rain events and flooding of the area were done and it was decided the area was waterproof. Raw Worx provided detailed QA to the builder.



Penguin Encounter – Gold Coast


The use of an existing structure at the Seaworld Penguin Encounter led to a problematic water leak during construction. Raw Worx implemented a successful solution with the use of ultra low viscosity resins in working temperatures of approx 4 degrees. A construction join between two slabs around the pool was sealed by means of high pressure injection with a 2 component pump to prevent the further ingress of pool water.



CLEM 7 Tunnel – Brisbane


Raw Worx provided teams of specially trained technicians to this project. Works included but not limited to Crack Repair and Injection, Concrete Repair, High Pressure Waterstop Injection, Curtain Membranes with Gel Injection.



Wyaralong Dam – Beaudesert (QLD)


Raw Worx was contracted to QLD’s newest dam to be constructed in the state. Specialist application of Acrylic Resin (gel) was required to be applied to leaking cold joints by means of grid pattern injection. Also applied to a bellmouth intake pipe to ensure a watertight seal. Our team provided the solutions and systems used including the fabrication and supply of custom injection packers.