Concrete Repair Specialists

Concrete Repair Specialists –┬áStructural &┬áDurablility Repairs For Your Asset


A job for concrete repair in Ashmore

We are in industry leader in concrete repair and protection of concrete structures. With extensive training both locally and internationally our team stays up to date with the latest local and international standards ensuring our repair work is of the highest quality available.

Having earnt our reputation based on countless successfully complete repair project, Raw Worx adds value to our clients assets and ensures their durablity for the years to come.

With access to the latest products and those internationally we are able to product high quality repairs in the following fields:

  • Concrete Cancer/Spalling Repair
  • Crack Repair and Pressure Injection for Structural Strengthening and Leak Repair
  • Void Injection and Grouting
  • Cementitous Grouting
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Carbon Fibre Strengthening
  • Protective Coatings
  • Heritage Building Repairs
  • and Much more…

Our close relationships with engineers and clients ensures that the best possible project outcomes are achieved in all facets of our work.
If Raw Worx can help extend the life of your asset get in touch with us for a prompt inspection.

A job for concrete repair in Ashmore