Below Ground Struture Leak Repairs

historyWe are experienced in new waterproofing as well as the repairs of old or failed as well. Too often the importance for quality waterproofing during construction is overlooked resulting in many leaking projects.

Whether the membrane used was installed incorrectly, it was not fit for the purpose intended or has suffered damage during the post installation works the result is the same. Water leaks cause damage to the structure, linings and often personal belongings.

Too often the effects of water ingress through failed membrane is also over looked. The damage to the structure and its reinforcement steel can advance without being visible to the naked eye. Over extended periods of leaks through cracks or walls reinforcement steel corrodes and expands causing spalling or “Concrete Cancer” as it is often put.

The benefit of fixing your leaks now and preventing degradation to the structure is huge and will save you money in the long run.

Raw Worx specialises in the repair of failing waterproofing in many ways.
We have the ability to rectify leaking basements and walls without excavation or removal of finishes.

Contact us for a consultation of your failed waterproofing today.